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At Career Vines, our mission is to expand the diversity of leadership teams across companies

because we believe the spread of leadership opportunity and access to power is a force multiplier that adds business value to serve increasingly diverse customers, inevitably supporting the realization of a more equitable and humane world. 

Our work starts with the recognition that leadership inequities stem from an integrated ecosystem.





Who they are, how they think and behave

The structures and processes designed to creates outcomes

The way things work and operate

Work Realities


We believe traditional organizations are not fundamentally designed and engineered to ensure equitable outcomes for all talent.

We believe that the way we work is changing because people are seeking environments that are willing to give as much as they take.

We believe that work is sometimes the necessary thing we do to simply take care of practical needs; as such, it does not often define or fulfill individuals.

We believe that people can make a vital contribution no matter where they are along their career journey.

We believe that careers have a much longer span determined by individual ambition, energy, and aptitude. Individuals can enjoy new and varied career chapters.

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A headshot of Ivy Kusinga

Meet Ivy


Ivy founded Career Vines after concluding a successful career in the insurance industry. With over 20 years of specialized experience in talent management, culture, and talent equity, Ivy is the former Chief Culture and Talent Officer of Chubb Group.

What We Offer


Solving inequities within leadership positions takes insight, tenacity, and courage.  Leaders must often wrestle with a more complicated and dynamic landscape drawing insights and ideas from multiple fields.


Effective career management requires some space for serious contemplation. Whether you are stuck in a rut of inertia or your life demands a renewed direction, even the most skilled could benefit from a coach.  Book the time you need and use it only as you need.  


The role and power of sponsorship is a career game changer to expand your leadership pipeline. Having the support and access to someone with broad influence shouldn’t be left up to the slim chance of a coincidental meeting.  

"I have worked with Ivy over the past year, most recently with a very large group of insurance leaders of all levels. Her ability to address the criticality of furthering progress in DEI at both the corporate and individual levels impressed me. Ivy moves beyond the theory of DEI and ties it succinctly and directly to our company’s bottom line and individual contributor’s professional growth. Her pragmatic approach is delivered with humor, compassion, and business savvy, resonating with each professional level within our organization."

Beth Dupre, Managing Director / US Casualty / Marsh Advisory

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