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Who We Are

Career Vines

The idea behind the name "Career Vines" is rooted in the belief that career paths, just like vines, grow in different ways.  The name honors the truth reflected in individual interests, strengths, and aspirations and rejects the notion of a singular and linear path to success. "Career Vines" benefit from an anchor to adapt or grow toward their ambitions. "Career Vines" also symbolizes that careers can thrive in varied environments and will resiliently grow in any direction to ensure their long-term prosperity. 

Meet Our Team

Ivy Kusinga


Ivy designed and implemented a plethora of developmental programs before leading the cultural integration when ACE merged with Chubb. In addition, she was a co-founder of the Black Insurance Collective, established to address the specific challenges impacting Black talent within the insurance industry.


Born and raised in Uganda, Ivy brings an astute and compelling perspective to contemporary workplace issues. Recognized for her contributions to the insurance industry, Ivy was the first recipient of the PLUS Foundation Excellence in Diversity Award in 2021 and was featured in Intelligent Insurer's Top 25 D&I Champions. Ivy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in International Development from St. Mary's University, Canada, and is currently pursing an MSc. in Applied Neuroscience from King's College, London. 

Zenani Burchall


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University, Zenani possesses a solid educational foundation that complements her practical experience. Zenani brings a strong background in customer service gained through several roles in the restaurant business. Her academic background, combined with her  professional background equips her with a unique perspective. Zenani most recently worked in health rehabilitation at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital and as an Exercise Coach for a private business. Zenani is now focused on leveraging her skills and passion to support clients  and their respective businesses. She has plans to open an entrepreneurial chapter of her own after pursuing further studies.

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Diverse hands stacked one on top of the other
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Ready to Elevate Your Career Journey?

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