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An Unconventional Path

Dear colleagues,

After 22 years of unrelenting toil and focus, I left a successful corporate career. I wish I had a simple explanation for this departure, but I don't. Since I'm often the sounding board for others, I marinate quietly about tough life decisions, rarely sharing openly because I find that no one wants a self-interested sounding board. For better or worse, I have learned to move decisively without much equivocation. In the distance traveled, life had handed me generous amounts of triumph and pain, and in the process, I had checked some crucial boxes. I diligently mothered two daughters who have blossomed into capable and kind adults; I had readily availed myself as a daughter, sister, and auntie. I have the fortune of a few enduring close friendships.

My daughters, Zenani and Zindzi

Walking away from a career path that was logically designed and successful was tough, but I felt constrained and profoundly exhausted. I needed time and space to rethink and construct another way forward. Having amassed some knowledge, I decided to open an entrepreneurial chapter, working with my youngest daughter, Zenani. In launching Career Vines, I'm taking a bold chance to gain a measure of control and freedom in how my time and effort are channeled.

Career Vines is designed to expand diversity at the highest levels of a company by supporting the career trajectory of individuals aspiring to be leaders. As a leader who worked and lived in the organizational trenches for many years, I feel uniquely positioned to support the career journeys of underrepresented talent who continue to face gale-force headwinds.

If you pay attention to social scientists, many argue that we are years away from achieving gender and race parity, by some estimates at 60–125 years. This projection is deeply unacceptable, especially as that burden carries onto our children. Opening this new venture is a deliberate choice to pour daily energy into ensuring a more equitable world that benefits businesses and people. We invite you to join the Career Vines Community to create new pathways; write to us about what matters to you and what you've learned along your journey so we can collectively lift and support each other.

Join our Career Vines community

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2023년 7월 21일

Ivy! Exceptional. I can't wait to support you and Zenani. Let's get talking.


Jacqueline Throop-Robinson
Jacqueline Throop-Robinson
2023년 7월 20일

Congratulations on your deeply thoughtful evolution! Your optimism fuelled by concrete action is inspiring!

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