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At Career Vines, our mission is to expand the diversity of leadership teams, because we believe the spread of opportunity and access to power is a force multiplier that is good for business and a more equitable world.

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Speaking Engagements
with Ivy

Inclusion training often yields limited results because of the erroneous assumption that bias training and awareness are adequate. They are not. We provide tailored discussions with candid and practical guidance to help diversify your leadership pipeline. Prices are available upon request.


Underrepresented talent encounters headwinds at work that can adversely impact their career trajectory. We provide one-on-one coaching to individuals to provide personalized guidance and support for their career aspirations. This is not a one-size-fits-all; it is about you and where you are headed.  Prices will vary based on coaching assignments.

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EmPower Insurance Industry Specific

The insurance industry has an excellent opportunity to spread leadership to underrepresented rising leaders across the industry. At Career Vines, we are committed to accelerating progress by designing an approach to the benefit of all companies. We will curate a database of C-suite insurance executives who would like to support the career of a rising industry leader. Executive sponsors will be appropriately matched to candidates vetted and nominated by their respective organizations.   Participation as an executive sponsor is by invitation only. 


Recheck this space, for a post of nominations of rising leaders.  

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Career Vines focuses on two main pillars of action to support our clients:


We are committed to inspiring underrepresented communities and helping them reach the highest levels of career success. We aim to empower individuals to make more informed career choices to advance into leadership positions.

We will ensure that talented professionals can apply their unique perspectives to your business through collaboration and resource sharing. Our goal is to ensure we provide touch points of continuous career support, empowering individuals to become the
influential leaders they strive to be.



Equity work is hard to execute and requires courage because many organizations are
only fundamentally designed for some people to thrive. We are willing to face and address what is problematic in inclusion.

We commit to working alongside leaders and businesses to disrupt the design and engineering of talent practices that unthinkingly create work bias. In addition, we will provide targeted educational seminars to support an astute understanding of business

Our consulting services will leverage research and other partnerships to support each client's DEI initiatives. In addition, we will work with employers to improve inclusion practices to encourage systemic transformation.

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Ready to Elevate Your Career Journey?

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